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Folder: Booklists 2017Booklists 2017Booklists 2017
Folder: Booklists 2018Booklists 2018Booklists 2018
Folder: Booklists 2019Booklists 2019Booklists 2019
Folder: cybersmartcybersmartcybersmart
Folder: Enrolment and Consent FormsEnrolment and Consent FormsEnrolment and Consent Forms
Folder: P and CP and CP and C
Folder: School DocumentsSchool DocumentsSchool Documents
Folder: School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)
Folder: TuckshopTuckshopTuckshop
Copyright material consent form.pdfCopyright material consent form99 KB
Kingaroy Behaviour Plan.pdfKingaroy Behaviour Plan1270 KB
Prep Handbook 2018-2019.pdfPrep Handbook 2018-2019304 KB
Kingaroy Behaviour Plan 2018-2019.pdfKingaroy Behaviour Plan 2018-20191837 KB
Kingaroy Primary snapshot-report 2016.pdf2016 Snapshot ReportKingaroy Primary snapshot-report 201669 KB
evidence-in-progress-snapshot 2017.pdf2017 Snapshot Reportevidence-in-progress-snapshot 2017457 KB
cybersmart.pdfCybersmart tipscybersmart263 KB
Excessive internet use older children.pdfExcessive internet use- tips for parentsExcessive internet use older children92 KB
SIU - Kingaroy State School Executive Summary - 2016.pdfExecutive SummarySIU - Kingaroy State School Executive Summary - 2016330 KB
great-results-factsheet.pdfGreat Results Factsheetgreat-results-factsheet234 KB
grg-snapshot-report-2014.pdfGRG Snapshot Reportgrg-snapshot-report-2014289 KB
I4S - DDSW - Kingaroy State School 2018.PDFI4S SummaryI4S - DDSW - Kingaroy State School 2018120 KB
I4S - DDSW - Kingaroy State School.PDFInvesting for School Agreement 2018I4S - DDSW - Kingaroy State School478 KB
Investing for Success - DDSW - Kingaroy State School.PDFInvesting for Success Kingaroy State School 2017Investing for Success - DDSW - Kingaroy State School245 KB
Investing for Success Kingaroy State School.PDFinvesting-in-schools-agreement-2016Investing for Success Kingaroy State School245 KB
Kingaroy Evidence Snapshot 2018.pdfKinagroy SS Evidence Snapshot ReportKingaroy Evidence Snapshot 2018288 KB
Kingaroy Behaviour Plan 2018.pdfKingaroy Behaviour PlanKingaroy Behaviour Plan 20181274 KB
Prep Handbook.pdfPrep HandbookPrep Handbook1105 KB
Prep Handbook 2017.pdfPrep Handbook 2017Prep Handbook 2017125 KB
Prospectus 2017.pdfProspectus 2017Prospectus 20172008 KB
chaplin-cp2.pdfStudent Participation in Chaplain Programchaplin-cp2184 KB
chaplin-form-cp3.pdfStudent Participation in Chaplain Program-One on One Visitschaplin-form-cp3528 KB
ibs-common-understandings-2.1.pdfStudent Services at Kingaroy State Schoolibs-common-understandings-2.1856 KB
tuckshop-information.pdfTuckshop Information- How to Ordertuckshop-information502 KB
KSS Tuckshop Term 1 2017.pdfTuckshop Menu T1 2017KSS Tuckshop Term 1 201786 KB
parent-info-tuckshop.pdfTuckshop Parent Informationparent-info-tuckshop20 KB
What it means to be diamond at KSS.pdfWhat Does It Mean To Be A Diamond StudentWhat it means to be diamond at KSS241 KB