Kingaroy State School Parents’ & Citizens’ Association

2015 Committee positions and elected officers are:

  • President – Candice Braithwaite

  • Vice President – Unfilled

  • Secretary – Claire Claydon

  • Treasurer – Stacey Needer

  • Assistant Treasurer – Michelle Meagher

Objectives in the constitution of the Association are to promote the interests of and facilitate the development and further improvement of the school.

Functions include:

  • Fund raising to provide equipment and financial support in specific areas to improve school facilities and operation.

  • Develop closer co-operation between the parents of children attending the school and other members of the community, staff members and students.

  • Give advice and recommendations to the Principal about issues relating to persons who receive education and the general operation and management of the school.

Monthly General P & C meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month in the library starting at 7pm - all parents are welcome to attend these meetings. The Annual General Meeting is held in March of each year.

The P&C provides Tuckshop facilities with the aim to operate an efficient business enterprise offering a regular high-quality service to the school community while operating profitably for the P&C Association. Operating at a reasonable profit benefits the school and, in turn, each child.

Currently the tuckshop opens each Wednesday and Friday during the school year, a casual tuckshop convenor is employed by the association with the current position filled by Amanda Chimes.

Parent Volunteers are needed to operate a successful tuckshop – if you can assist in 2015 please contact the tuckshop on 41 604 321. A current tuckshop menu is provided on this web site.

School Banking

The association also provides school banking for students. Take part in the School Banking Rewards Program!

Our school takes part in the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program. Kingaroy State School receives:

  • $5 for every child that that opens a Youthsaver Account through the School Banking program;

  • 5% of every deposit made at school (up to a maximum of $10 per individual deposit); or

In 2010 the Commonwealth Bank paid more than $780,000 in commissions to participating schools.

The Commonwealth Bank School Banking program includes an exciting new Rewards Program designed to encourage children to get into the habit of making regular savings. Every time your child makes a deposit they receive a silver Dollarmites token. These tokens can then be exchanged for a range of five reward items all worth 10 tokens.

Students will have lots of fun saving their tokens for these cool reward gifts, including money boxes, Dollarmite wallet, water bottle, lunch box and watch. They will also be rewarded with certificates. School Banking helps develop some important behaviour’s such as:

  • Creating regular savings habits

  • Settings goals and saving to achieve them

  • Being responsible by completing their own deposit slip each week

The program is a fun and a rewarding way to educate children on how to save.

If your child does not have a Youthsaver account and would like to participate in the School Banking program, please contact the Admin Office who will give your child a pack to take home which includes an application form for you to complete.

If you are an existing Commonwealth Bank customer with access to NetBank you can apply for your child’s Youthsaver account online. Simply log into NetBank, click the “Offers and apply” tab, then select “Accounts” and “Youthsaver”. Please have your child’s birth certificate handy.

Important information: Terms and conditions issued by Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 for Youthsaver Account are available from the Bank and should be considered before making any decision about the Youthsaver Account.

School banking day is Tuesday at Kingaroy State School.


Last reviewed 26 March 2020
Last updated 26 March 2020